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The Event - Ascention - A Comprehensive Summary of Definitions

  • The Event - Ascention - A Comprehensive Summary of
    Definitions & Meanings:

    The whole concept of "The Event" as meaning or referring to an actual specific time/date is a mis-interpretation (although this is understandable)

    Ascention and "The Event"


    1. The Global Collective Consciousness
    - At the collective "Unconscious" level of all people on earth, the total combined frequencies of all individuals (which is influenced by varying levels of negativity and positivity) has an effect/influence on our "Conscious" perceivable reality in our world.

    Beings have an inherent non-physical connection to the
    The earth itself has its own frequency known as the
    "Schumann" resonance frequency.
    This is measurable on a physical level and has been in constant measurement by scientists for a number of
    decades now
    Scientists say that the earths frequency has been
    approxx 7.3 Hz for a very very long time now
    This schuman resonance frequency has been fluctuating with increasingly frequency very recently on average as the
    average "collective" consciousness frequency of people has been increasing over time because of the inter-connected relationship people/incarnates have with

    2. Individual(s) frequency - The Frequency of any one
    individual is influenced by:

    A. The individual themselves - negative/positive thoughts
    and feelings, example depression, frustration,
    melancholy, happiness, highly awaited anticipation,
    general contentment - perhaps for themselves, or
    others around them, for friends/family, society etc

    B. Peoples thoughts & feelings are to a more or less
    degree (depending on the individual and the
    individuals circumstances) influenced by both
    personal and non-personal issues
    Examples of non-personal issues would be for
    example general frustration or anger over global
    Issues, example, the environment, social inequalities
    in other countries like lack of basic necessities like
    food, health, shelter, education etc etc

    Often just knowledge of External things/events is enough
    to cause an effect on people, even if such issues/events - dont directly affect us, info often shown on the Media like
    Main Stream Media sources such as Radio/TV


    Effective becoming literally "conscious" of ones own soul
    on various levels.
    In the current case of the "Ascention" process on earth
    at this time more and more individuals are starting to
    "Wake Up", i.e. are starting to become or rather gain a
    higher level of conscious awareness of their soul, meaning
    those individuals will be able to "percieve" more reality
    than traditional earth 3D - Third Density to perceiving 5D
    - Fifth Density

    Pre-Requisites for an individual to "Ascend"

    1. That individual must be "Heart Centred"
    The heart chakra must be activated and have a high
    enough level of consistent spin speed (vortex speed)
    2. The individuals frequency must be high enough in order
    for them to be able to percieve "5D"

    Ideally the individual will have forgiven themselves and
    others for past transgressions - "Forgiveness"
    Also important (i presume varies from person to person)
    person has cleared out old psychological/emotional problems from current (and other) lives
    Ideally person is in a reasonably well balanced state
    (Body and Mind) including all 7 main chakras

    The Conditions and Ascention Time/Date that an individual
    Ascends varies from person to person
    Ascention is also a process not an immediate event that
    suddenly happens instantly
    People do often get fore-knowledge of Ascention Progress
    based on their general spiritial progresss


    Many starseeds have a pre-set time (like an alarm clock)
    that was decided in advance before their incarnation as to
    when some of their DNA will be activated.
    This happens when a starseed is ready to either start their
    own spiritual soul mission down here on earth as part of
    helping humanity and earth through the Ascention times.
    This DNA activation helps the starseed with their own
    Ascention, which in turn, helps out the rest of the collective
    of humanity and earth in these Ascention epoch times.

    "The Event"

    The Event to the best of my recollection is the idea of all
    of humanity all "collectively" seeing/perceiving all changes
    on earth "together" - ideally all at the "same time"
    While there definitely is both a collective "Consciousness" AND a collective "Un-Conscious" individuals are all on their
    own individual timeline
    This means that person A on timeline 1 might ascend
    In close ties or timing synchrony with one group of people
    Whereas person A on timelime 2 might end up ascending
    in close ties/synchronicity with a completely different
    group of individuals.

    This is just an arbitrary example to demonstrate a difference in Ascention Timelines for a given individual:

    Person A:

    Timeline 1:

    Person A works with friends/co-workers in organisation
    dedicated to anthropic humanitarian cause like housing
    children in wartorn or third-world countrys
    Good/Close relationships with co-workers
    Person spends time by themselves when not with such

    Person A is likely to Ascend timing wise with such friends

    Timeline 2:

    Person A makes sacrifices to look after an individual,
    such as moving house, spends far less time with their
    close friends
    Persons A's close friends often have a partially negative
    slant (unintentional) effect upon Person A's behaviour,
    often socially when they go out to party's as they have a
    tendency to push/nudge Person A to do things that
    Person A would not normally do
    However over time, Person A gets to know the person
    they are looking after quite well, and sees the wisdom
    In the person they are looking after over a few years, despite having very different backgrounds and interests
    Person A ends up more likely to Ascend with person they
    are looking after more than their "party" friends

    Timeline 3:

    Person A gets unfairly bitter towards a good friend of theirs, Andrew, because Andrew told his other friends some
    thing secret and embarressing about Person A
    When confronted by Person A, Andrew admits that on
    reflection he should not have told his friends the secret
    and apologises and says he genuinly did not think about
    the consequences to Person A, or how doing this would
    make Person A feel
    Andrew shows genuine remorse for his actions and is
    sincere in in apology, and wants to make up with Person A
    Person A however, clearly shows that he is not prepared to
    forgive Andrew for his mistake despite being good friends

    Person A has been bitter for years over this incident
    Person A does not Ascend (more specifically, Person A
    does not Ascend in their current life)

    Density - Meaning:

    For the record this "Density" that is spoken of so often
    is the actual "Density" of Aether/Chi/Prana
    Think of this like you think about the different density of
    materials like how you think of the different density of say
    metals or stone for example

    Aether/Chi/Prana = Fundamental Life Force which has a
    level of Consciousness and exists at a pre-quantum
    level and from what i have learnt exists everywhere

    This is a general compilation of information from many
    different sources, with some sources being more concise
    and specific than others