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    Elshara Silverheart I get the feeling there's a bit more to it than just practicing in other words, how to wait. But I could see this as being a useful method for transformation on a spiritual level to some extent. Nice idea to meditate on tonight I think.
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Practicing Patience And Simultaneous Action

  • Impatience. The greatest sin of all.

    Your presence in life is precious. To you, the most important person you care about is an imaginary image of what you could be, not who you truly are. For the world sees only imagination as the source for all inspiration, not the soul aware of performing the act.

    This must change. Earth must become a Utopia, with patience as a staple for all life to bare witness to. We live in a time where unrest and social instability causes forgetfulness and the need to be punished for remembering the person you are in every moment you experience. Choice is the illusion of the minds who limit themselves to the constantly changing and adapting environment of impatience.

    Where sin is laid to rest, is the location of somber dexterity. Contained within, is the sleeping form of imagination. A beast who feasts on a focus external to oneself whilst forgetting the identity of the soul. Known as a courageous warrior to all other beasts, we do not understand who we are as we are captivated by the overwhelming desire to be diverse and uniquely self empowered while we set forth to see the universe or live in some existence beyond here.

    The nature of human fantasy, and in deed, the fantasy of all creatures, is to survive. To know whether or not if you are truly alive, you must be aware of your existence from one moment to another. Obtaining such an awareness, relies on alternating the part of you that is aware of your soul and which is also aware of the world around you. Balance is achieved once such has been created, allowing for any possibility to happen as a result of conscious living.

    Through it all, we learn one skill. The most ancient skill of patience. We have forgotten in today's society. You can always identify impatience by its characteristics. The same is true for patience. Alternating between knowing where, when and how to place patience and impatience is key to mastering the art form of imagination and reality itself.

    Lack of control. People who are impatient suffer if anything not pertaining to the world of distraction they wish to embody is breached. If they feel their trauma of being torn apart from that where their focus remains at rest is a threat to their survival, violence and imbalance comes to attempt to allow the person inside to exit the world of imagination and enter reality. At which point they may have already caused damage due to their focus being externally planted, instead of internally grounded. Guided by the soul.

    Nobility. People who practice patience are the only people who can spot an impatient person. They do so by observing their reactions to change within their environment. Someone who is calm, is on the border between reality and imagination. Ready for anything, it is the role of being a part of such a border, to understand oneself and observe their own actions, prior to realizing how to do so where others are concerned. Which is where the experience of being both patient and impatient proves its worth, a value of trust, honor and wisdom.

    Empowerment. Being a patient person is all about being the moment you are a part of. It is for this reason people who practice patience are aware of every moment they place focus towards. If an impatient person were to disrupt such a process, the person would be able to see it coming due to their focus being everywhere yet central to anything requiring attention to their existence in which ever moment they are a part of. It is impossible for a patient person to be aware of multiple moments at once, because it is likewise impossible for an impatient person to do the same.

    Any quality can define whether or not you are patient, or impatient in relation to the current task. Practicing patience and simultaneous action requires you to understand the difference between being patient and impatient, to observe in order to effect the world and the reality you live in as an individual. It is just as difficult for a patient person to fight such a battle as it is for an impatient person, due to only one moment being experienced unless the moment is observing the interaction of one which you are not a part of. This simply means, to put patience into action, all you need to do, is become the action itself. Now you have achieved the possibility, by creating the moment for it to happen.

    It's simple if you think about it. An idea is a you which reality must step in to for it to become an event. The reason why patience holds the key to power, is because we know ourselves better than anything or anyone else in the universe.