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    Elshara Silverheart Every experience we have shapes any alternative one as it happens simultaneously. Changing the density and the dimension of this world is not possible using current human science at this moment. However it can be transcended through spiritual means. In a...  more
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Adapting Our Future Beyond 3D

  • Our world is made up of people who see and adapt. Sometimes such a process of transformation happens through creative vision, while at other times, it can occur through direct interaction.

    How we focus our consciousness, can determine our actions while we are incarnated on Earth. It doesn't matter what memories you have of home, or what past lives your soul has had prior engagements to, as the purpose of this dimension, is to explore the here and now, from moment to moment. Whether we do so together, or segregate ourselves to focus on individual paths, is simply up to us individually.

    One thing is clear to me. Our future must involve adapting to change at some point. This does not mean accepting ideas which do not resonate with you, as doing so prevents the purpose of change to be activated to its fullest perspective within reality.

    What I propose we do as a society, is evolve the mission of trust in your life, to the unknown. Achieving anything to its most useful potential, means setting aside who you are, to focus on embracing the world around you as you step in to it. I have discovered a lot of people who are in tune with their soul, know what it means to trust others as well as yourself. Which is where adapting to change, as opposed to directly influencing it comes in to play when needed.

    Recognizing collective power will set us free. We are located in a world which is lead by duality. Go or stay. Yes or no. Values of direct action, or none at all based on the illusive perception of linear time. Socially, we have forgotten who we are, because our focus is limited to the collective thoughts of others. But where collective power comes in, is through the process of self empowerment. By embodying your soul, you can achieve anything you wish for.

    Unbounded desire, is something new, to our generation, yet it is a very old achievement set out by wise people who have the will and the way to make the reality happen. No matter what your focus is, we are based on needs, wants and wishes. However the majority of them, are selfish by design. Because they have come about by imbalance, alternating conflicts, as opposed to balance, collective effort.

    Curing imbalance, maintaining balance and organizing plans, simply requires the prevention of distractions to be set in place, helping you become truly empowered. A distraction in such a case, is not a physical redirection of attention. It is the intervention of expression itself, which is the problem. This is why Earth has not progressed to become connected with the people and worlds of the universe by trade yet.

    What we can do as starseeds, or people who recognize such a state of affairs, is embrace the application of change within our own environment. Our adult lives, allows us to become independent. We can and will use such a tool to develop distraction free environments for others to achieve both success and new adventures on a regular basis.