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    Elshara Silverheart I believe this happens naturally. It is a process we must not enforce or interfere with as it is anyone's sentient right to do so freely at their convenience. This does however bring the advantage of effort into reality, to create change.
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Taking The Initiative?

  • How do you feel about taking the initiative?

    1. To focus. To dream. To make something a reality from vision, from heart.

    2. To send. To receive. To be of an open mind, to know all aspects of who you are.

    3. To create. To destroy. To reimagine the place you call home..

    4. To organize. To plan. To guide a path for you.

    5. To experience. To understand. To know about the decisions others make.

    6. To express. To communicate. To be guided by wisdom, truth and perspective.

    7. To be informed. To unite. To belong to a type of familiarity.

    8. To seek. To move. To change and explore your right to sovereignty.

    9. To heal. To improve. To perfect your growth.

    10. To inflict. To interfere. To prevent a change of an unknown imbalance.

    11. To achieve. To embrace. To find a need to cure.

    12. To search. To yearn. To long for the impossible to happen within your wildest and calmest thoughts and dreams.

    13. To commit. To dedicate. To perform acts of risk or danger.

    14. To believe. To trust. To let your guard be guided by intuition.

    15. To feel. To do. To extend yourself.

    16. To balance. To harmonize. To be there if presently sought for by another.

    17. To cause. To effect. To observe the world around you.

    18. To see. To hear. To sense your wish and empower it.

    19. To envision. To dream. To belong to your creation.

    20. To alter. To edit. To change the force of destruction.

    21. To be pushed up. To be pulled down. To experience life in all directions.

    22. To follow. To lead. To see all and yet be the embodiment of what you want.

    23. To feel. To have. To possess something of worth and value.

    24. To exist. To shape. To become formless.

    What do you initiate and why?