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    Elshara Silverheart Unfortunately, we are faced with a fixed vibration at this moment. Earth is changing and with it, the environments of every continent, ocean and the people who live there with it. No, Earth is not supposed to be this dangerous. However danger is a lot...  more
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Is Earth Supposed To Be This Dangerous?

  • I'm looking for honest input here. Not speculative answers or beliefs in something you yourself heard from someone else you never met before who may not know the answer.

    Just in my region of the world alone, in the past few months, things in North America like this happen on a daily basis.

    1. Wild fires forcing thousands of people out of their homes.

    2. Natural disasters forcing people to move or be killed.

    3. People going on gun shooting sprees.

    4. Excessive addiction.

    5. Abuse of power.

    6. Crimes against life.

    7. Violence and stupidity.

    8. Abortions and miscarriages.

    9. Interference of successful operations.

    10. Delicate acts of balance required for continuing or sustaining ideas.

    11. Suppressing our primitive nature.

    12. Commercial over selling.

    13. Losing the freedom of action or choice to chance acceptance.

    14. requiring a chain of command decision to make productivity excel at something someone needs to change so they can make it possible.

    15. Beliefs in false and non existent delusions of grandeur.

    16. Expanding the ego and carelessness of people.

    17. Quality of survival becoming a rarity.

    18. Denial of personal preference or feelings in business decisions.

    19. Isolating Earth from extraterrestrial communication.

    20. Lack of civilian military.

    21. Territorial wars.

    22. Competing for dominance.

    23. Over population of humans.

    24. War is the answer.

    25. Change isn't the solution.

    26. Objects of worship in exchange for freedom, example, money, idels.

    27. The right to comply, instead of the right to enjoy and adapt change if needed.

    28. The cancelation of unique individuality.

    29. Enforcement of bullying.

    30. Bribery of authority.

    31. Social status preventing equal access to resources.

    32. Unstable political environments.

    33. Ineffective unattainable leadership of citizen rights and policies.

    34. Medical care.

    35. Sport of suffering.

    36. Fake happiness.

    37. Unnatural spread of disinformation or alteration of recorded history for profit and cults.

    38. Unreachable goals requiring years of struggle to find a chance to access them.

    39. Requiring metaphysical energy for manifestation of success.

    40. Indirect physical intervention of people in trouble.

    41. Secrecy of positivity.

    42. No acknowledgment of entitlement as the embodiment of a living breathing creature.

    43. Conforming to existence.

    44. Not recognizing disfunctional insecurity.

    45. Normalizing unrest.

    46. Ignoring discomfort.

    47. Oppressing the right to leave through personal will.

    48. Permanent solutions to temporary problems.

    49. Embracing hard ship with fake feelings.

    50. Being punished for unknown or unseen thought differences of acceptable versus intolerant behavior.

    I could go on, but the truth is, I've said enough. So what's so great about Earth besides the distractions which keep us moving along in our society with no end to corruption in sight? But yet we have the freedom to start capitalizing on the communist society we are forced to endure?

    Not everything is bad or good, it just isn't ideal. But we don't have to accept the fact we aren't important because we are, and physically so. Fear is destructive. Love is creative. Balance leads to nowhere. Get it? Got it? Great! Is it normal to invest in something and receive nothing in return? How can we help this planet if we are constantly distracted by what we are failing to change concerning relations with each other? Telling the planet it is okay in meditation when we still see no fruitful results just isn't cutting it for me.

    Prayer might work in some cases, but even during times of belief, there's still the issue of a god or great cosmic spirit having the right to refuse us even if one is there watching. Control here is so absolute, we see what we are allowed to, and have preapproved distractions to enjoy while we wait for the inevitable to happen. What we need is not change, it's direction.

    Focus is never key. It is only the basis or foundation of an idea we use to make something exist for us. That's not the same thing as thriving, which is only the beginning of starting the process of recognizing how to improve things we lack in our lives as a currently constant factor playing in to a sacrifice nobody guiding us saw coming.

    Earth needs nothing from us. Yes, we don't come here to appease the curiosity of a planet. We come here because we know no other way of communication. Not physically anyway. We come here because we mean to try our best at something, or die during its failure. We exist here because of what we tell ourselves is a reason to stay. We keep moving in one direction because we individually seek for nothing else.

    Instability is not caused by humans, or any other life form. It's caused by something outside the realm of physical adaptation most likely. And there isn't a god in this universe who has thought to change it unless everything we know about our history is actually what was causing us to be living a lie until now. Which I at least have little doubt in my mind of such a possibility being completely false hope.

    We're only as influential as our belief in ourselves. That's a concept which some religions have actually failed to address because they are based on the image of perfection. It's nice to strive for this but in reality we already are doing our best to do just that and more. What brought this all together seems to come from the concept of progress, but it also feeds the ego to unsafe levels of stimulation.

    I'm not about to tell you what is and what isn't real. Nothing is an illusion if you invest in it, so let it be known and said from this period onwards, we are not trapped here, and we have empowerment within reach always to make things happen for the better.

    We all need help to make life here enjoyable. Nobody has to be segregated at the cost of being an exclusive reason why lime light exists for their unique circumstances. There is a solution to all problems which doesn't need to enhance their complex nature unless it itself is corrupt.

    So if everything around us is corrupt, what's truly pure? We are, and we always will be. It's time I think, in my opinion, to make us the soul focus of all we come here for. We have the most value here, as beings, and yes, as a planetary consciousness, we will achieve life beyond success as it is stated as our birth right to do so.

    I can't deny possibility. But I can only call upon it if I understand how it can be used to create the best life can offer if we desire it. Don't let the world fool you in to thinking you are trapped. Don't let society trick you in to believing you are wrong. Don't let your ego convince you the only way to being right is by knowing what isn't. Earth is trying to have a voice through all of this, and it is not our duty to respond to it. It is our right to understand it, and should we feel a calling to assist in its amplification, so be it. We have a constant opportunity ahead of us to use life as a portal to go beyond achievements to find all that self worth can empower us to do.

    Earth is a dangerous place to live at this time. But it surely doesn't need to be. We have space on our side, and if you look at the advantage of how space can effectively guide us towards showing love and respect, then here we see the making of a great and inspiring journey our soul can embark on while being conscious from its conception to its reality. We are not ever alone. Keeping our values alive by putting self first, should become possible through the action of self understanding. We are not at fault for being ignorant. We are at fault for being unaware. Awareness is nice to have, but like everything, it is a state of consciousness we can indulge in if we know how to. Otherwise, we focus on what needs to change based on the voice calling for it, and how it brings new ideas to come about because of it.

    All which is real is not always active. but all that is active, is not always real. Reality is something that effects you and only you. It effects all other people based on how they interact with you, otherwise, it isn't active. We must search for an active truth, in order to embody it to be the change we wish to see. Should it cause destruction, as it applies right now in cases where problems arise from it, then we have to find a real solution to it to create based on what is offered outside of the things we can control. Similarly, if it is inactive but poses a real problem, then we must find an inactive way to deal with it we can make active if the need arises. All this is common sense, however the way our society is structured, makes no sense to us. Yet we share it in common, because it's both real and active. See the problem? We need active realism in our lives, not realistic acting to make it work.

    My dream for Earth is to have the people and the planet become enlightened together, due to how possibility through space can actively realize the progression of life. So it may guide us towards the direction of self sustaining life forms without having to sacrifice another to keep our own. Among other things, this can be done in steps. Awareness is key for completion to be achieved.