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Secrets Of Space

  • The universe has always been a place of vast proportions. This is because energy is a mathematical equation where ever elements of matter are present. But to the visible eye however, matter is just one such dimensional composition. For any composition to be created in any dimension, one element must be present to start the calculation. Space.

    Space has secrets, many of which are invisible at first glance. The interesting thing about space, is that all things in space must be visible to be present throughout it. However, if you are composed of a form where you require space to exist, not all of such things are in fact visible to you, because they weren't made using the same material formulas as you were. This is why you can't know everything about anything, as such knowledge is only available if you are or become it, not if you don't. Which of course, is quite impossible to do, if you are composed of matter, while the object you are trying to understand, isn't. Despite the fact space is used to create such invisible objects, they still exist, and are considered to be the greatest secret ever known.

    That's all well and good, but what if secrets could be discovered using a method available to you? Space itself, is known for being visible, because it requires itself to be visible. Using the right formula, you can uncover how such secrets exist, which can lead to Discoveries such as time travel, reality exploration and non pulsing matter. It's important to note, to find out all the secrets space holds within it's grasp, you must understand the nature of the secret, for it to be revealed to you. For instance, if you wanted to know about the girl your boy friend is cheating on, you would think you would have to climb inside his head to find her name using psychic thought processes, right? Wrong. That is not, in fact, the only method to retrieve such information. If you wanted to do so, you would simply need to visualize circumstances in which you as the other person, couldn't say no to, for such a person to fit in to. Next, analyze the possibility of that person being a stranger or a friend. If you don't know the person, you can find out their name, simply by observing the actions of your boy friend, to find out where he goes. If you follow in the foot steps so to speak, by tracking the object you wish to learn more about, you can see everything your objects sees, know anything your Target knows and interact with such information freely at will, as yourself. Or, as anything you imagine yourself to be. Here's how it works. You are a reflection of what could become reality, if you are aware of the knowledge of how such a reality can apply to the current reality you are in right now. This is true for space. The only difference being, the complexity of dimensions space offers, using a common divider for each of them. Energy is limitless which is why space is likewise limitless, as it is responsible for the continuous flow of direction our universe is capable of since it's conception.

    Converting secrets into disclosed information, is just as straight forward. There's no being left behind unless you are not aware of what you are missing. To know whether or not you are missing anything, you must first become what you wish to achieve by embodying it's goal. This is how you can be compatible with the target goal, if you wish to be involved via such means. For example. If you wish to time travel to the future or the past, you don't need to come across a time fairing civilization to do it. All you need to do, is study how time could be conceived, in order to trace it's conception to a compatible mathematical equation involving something which is already related to you. Space itself, is capable of this, as it allows you to become aware of all itself is aware of as an element. All elements of energy have this in common. Space, holds any information you wish to know about, in it's depths, awaiting your visit to access it. Always space is here for us at any time. All we must do to activate secret knowledge space has to offer, is to become aware of it's existence to visualize it in to our own reality. Truly, anything can become possible from here.