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Pulsing Matter

  • Matter has a pulse. But why? It's well known to many people who study science at the most fundamental level, matter is able to change its form at will. The interesting thing, is that the will required to do so is actually, never pulsating. It operates through a stable energy source, which remains constantly in motion. Although the motion itself could be classified as a pulse from start to finish, it is irregular by nature, because of how irregular of an interval the process by design must be in order for it to do the job.

    So why does matter have a pulse? Because a pulse is required to be a will or energy based alternative, in order to power moving matter. The will to live for instance, is enough power to keep our heart beating, our body breathing while sleeping, and our mind functioning. Food blockages on the other hind, are the cause of why so many things can go wrong with this process, if the frequency at which the pulse to matter ratio isn't equivalent to the original intake and outtake of matter your body needs and what the power source, moving matter particles in food has in mind, you're faced with a problem. Similarly, any damage to your body, can cause the same effect, due to improper blood flow if you have an injury. Due to such irregularities, we can safely predict, pulsing matter is an unstable power source, if not monitored correctly and efficiently. Too much of our current social needs require such a pulsating matter frequency to power our every day lives, even though our bodies are designed to automatically address such concerns, matter has a tendency to change its form if not being used via the current one. This is why life cycles through change as frequently and as often as it does. The reason why matter pulsates, is because the source required to power a pulse of matter, is the particles within it which make up its current composition. As opposed to, particles outside of it, which aid in the movement or motion of matter transference when needed.

    What is the source powering non pulsating matter, and why can't it be duplicated in pulsating matter? The real reason why science and spirituality cannot progress on this planet, is because the power source to transport physical density requires a face lift. More specifically, and less vaguely, meaning the following conditions must be true in order for the process to work and scale like it is intended to for the purpose it is built for. First, you must have particles which do one job and do it on command. Like in the case in life will, when it is needed, the force at which the particles converge on a single point, pushes or pulls life will in a specific direction, depending on how the particles are summoned. Similarly, the particles can do other functions than just converge, but this is just one example of how it could be done. Second, you must never use a pulsating matter source as a dependency. Despite the limitations of such a source to begin with, pulsating matter in any configuration, is only meant to do one thing. Be its current form, which is why you can't scale with it. Third, combining the two forces together allows you to have the ratio required to power what you wish to build. The only thing missing, is the scheduler at which such a process can alternate between pulsating and non pulsating matter. How you do this, is by regulating the minimum and maximum pulse frequency the matter itself can hold, and then assigning any other frequency it can't hold, to the particles of non pulsating matter. That way, all that now remains, is the motion where by any means of matter itself can be either sourced directly, or duplicated from its own, or other material of different density or dimensional proportions. The cause of why matter requires a source, when pulsating, but non pulsating matter is comprised of such a source, relies on the composition of the particles working together to create matter in the first place. The density of this world's dimensional requirements relies on direction to power movement. Therefore what powers direction is matter, but it can only keep its direction if it pulsates. You can have different directions or shapes to form, but only non pulsating matter, can change its shape at will, by altering the focus of the method used to create it. Similarly, to create a new density or dimension, all which is required is the specifications for how non pulsating matter can keep pulsating matter in its current form, while changing the focus of itself as a force of energy throughout the entire structure where you reside. The reason why matter cannot be duplicated directly, is because all you would be duplicating, is the exact same concept, requiring extra pulsating matter to do so, as opposed to expanding the existing limitless particles you already have via space, to achieve the exact same result using non pulsating matter to do it.

    Is non pulsating matter antimatter? No it is not. Antimatter, or dark matter, are particles which convert themselves into different densities if they are not being used. Because matter is a part of the particles which create energy, any energetic requirement can be so vast it could power a universe, or destroy a multiverse. Energy is designed to power, regardless of its method to do other things, such as destroy, create, maintain and alter the forms at its disposal. This is why you never see dark matter in your coffee cup, even when half asleep. The That which is in motion, cannot rest because motion is movement. It just doesn't need to always have a pulse, to power its own movement in to and out of motion.

    Does this mean grey matter is a transitioning phase from one state of matter to another? No, it does not. Grey matter is what you get when density based matter is stretching the limits of a particular dimension. Grey matter can move into the density it came from, or leave to enter another. However the density of the particles which move throughout the constructs of energy are such that they allow for motion to be possible between densities. The reason why densities are so finite, is because of what is holding them together. This is why you'll never see a change in the mathematical equations required to boil a cup of tea. Because mathematics is what defines our density as having the values it does. Other densities may use completely different rules to keep their form in tact, however one thing to note about densities, is that space, is the only particle which cannot have a density. I'm not talking about gravity. I'm referring to any form of particles used to create, destroy, maintain and alter a construct of energy. To which matter is a part of, be it pulsating or otherwise applied through focus. The difference between densities and dimensions is that one can exist in tandem, if the other exists as a singular occurrence of itself. Densities can power dimensions and vice versa. If a dimension powers a density, you can have sub dimensions and sub densities within such a structure, but one must do a job so the other can apply it to something else.

    What it all means for science, is simple. By using non pulsating matter, you can power space travel and so much more. By using pulsating matter, you can maintain direction and keep steady movement alive and well. The process of soul exploration can be used by finding a form of non pulsating matter to transport your consciousness to, if you wish to put your body in a type of suspended animation, while you explore outside of your own body. You can always return to it some other time if you wish to. Your soul is a non pulsating source of matter, which is how you are able to sustain information and knowledge, of the physical world, by being connected to the pulse of matter used to transport you and keep you alive. Although, its own requirements for doing so, result in the sacrifice of eating other pulsating matter sources to remain functional. But don't let that trouble you, since I'm sure space travel will have a similar requirement if science uses pulsating matter to get to where ever they are going. Lets hope an oil spill or a fuel leak doesn't occur in hyper space. Worse, in orbit around our own planet. In the mean time, consider your options. Nothing is limited or limitless, you just have to find a way to make it happen. All things become possible if the will is there to convert the idea into a density compatible reality for yourself and others.