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  • Elshara Silverheart
    Elshara Silverheart I am convinced, we are born to be conscious souls on Earth.
    September 9, 2017 - 2 like this - Report
  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Skutkiem nagromadzenia
    Złudzeń i pożądania,
    Jest różnicujący umysł,
    W oparciu, o który podejmowane...  more
    September 10, 2017 - Report
  • Dreamer Vision Dreamer
    Dreamer Vision Dreamer We are born into this life , environment, situation, etc because of a choice made by our infinite life force or higher self or spirit self.
    September 10, 2017 - 1 likes this - Report

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Born To Be...?

  • Are we born to be free? Are we born because our parents wanted a child? Are we born to be here because our soul made a contract to stay? However the situation plays out, my enlightenment on this topic has led me to consider a few things. Keep in mind, I feel as if I am born to be more than just someone or something, singular.

    1. Life is a journey which starts and ends with the body. No matter how you see it, consciousness and its ever and ever prolific statements of magical existence by co-design, has led to life as we know it today. I don't think we are conscious outside of ourselves. I believe we are conscious because of ourselves. The difference being as we identify with what makes us put together a calculation of some semblance of reality, based on our experiences and inner vision, we realize our need to belong with what we already are a part of now. Be it an action, a process of events signifying our purpose, or indirectly, are a snapshot of memory based on something made possible because of us, in some form or another.

    2. We are inevitable, because we know our own focus. Respectively, we are all doing the same thing, but through different means of achieving it. You may live in a house, but your neighbor may live in an apartment. We still both breathe air, eat food, sleep at night and have our own lives we lead. What truly unites us as people, I find, is things which define themselves as events with permanent results. Unless the results have an ending which cannot be changed, such results ensure life continues on its journey of endless cycling throughout the universe and our own planet Earth. Now think about the picture as a whole. Say, our parents, came together to birth us. But yet an entire country can become divided on the simple matter of politics. Why does this happen? Where is that born to be purpose which acts as a common factor between our most definitely separate life styles? Does it even exist? Do factors remain in place to prevent it from being common knowledge? Well, to be honest, they do. However if I had said they don't, the answer would be the same, if the principle of a permanent ending or result to a situation completed by one or more people were to happen. We as children, are the result of an endless cycle of life. We create life, and life is created through us because of our creation. But what if endings were independent, and that the only result necessary to apply such a cycle, was in fact, its creation as a design in and of itself? Would we then just become born to be aspects of a higher intelligence perhaps? I think not. We are born to become what we already are. The rest of the world doesn't know it yet, but we know it since birth and beyond death. We come here to become something, because otherwise, we wouldn't come here to be born to do anything, other than live the life of a mindless society, which is a temporary solution to a permanent problem, meaning, change and us are in fact, inevitable.

    3. We are not alone, or are we? If we are born to be free, with all due respect, freedom is an illusion. You can't breathe without air, so why should you be free without limits? Because a little voice in your mind sticks with you throughout most of your life, which is your own parents informing you, morality is law. Breaking the code such a law states, will result in temporary problems becoming permanent ones, because of your association to them. Not with them, for that would be a paradox, not related to your own actions as such. So, if your actions are futile, are you only free if such remains the case? To be honest, my belief in such a possibility is challenged by the fact, we are only limited by our imagination. So if imagination can create morality, then we are a direct result of what imagination has done for us, which makes us wonder, why are we separated from it since birth? Well, we actually are not. It is our constant companion when ever our feelings of being alone, and or wishing to accomplish something occur. It's the same feeling you get regardless of what happens to you emotionally. It's your imagination guiding you, through what some people call, spiritual innovation. What I call, being self aware. Because if we are to assume for a moment, imagination is the reason behind why we cycle through life, as opposed to having a life you could join and leave at will, but return to some other time, then everything which we create is through the actions of being alone in a snapshot of a process which has never been alone ever. Therefore, we can only be alone if we face something without another person present to guide us to achieve what they have achieved, regardless of them being alone or not when it happened.

    4. Love is the answer. But what's the question? Lets presume the following scenario is true. You can only do what society tells you to do because you use it to survive off of on a regular basis. Survival in and of itself, is the reason why our dependency on such values holds true as powerfully as it does. To make sure we are kept in alignment with such a focus, we must actively keep it alive. So if love is what keeps us alive, why does it occur? It doesn't do so just to know itself, it does it because it makes a change in what already is possible now, to happen somewhere else some other way. To establish the platform required for society to limit the abilities of that empowering force we call energy, we must ask ourselves why are we here? There is the question. No matter what situation we face, we are here because of what would have happened if we weren't here. By doing so, society benefits from us hoping we can benefit from them by using survival as a bridge between want and need to create the dependency of a semi functional world, like the one we live in now.

    5. We are born to be an expression of understanding. If empathy has taught you anything, it's to always keep an open mind and a stable outlook on view points which you find interesting, concerning or fascinating throughout life. If you know why you were born, use your knowledge to understand the world around you, to be able to make sense of what others can not. Finding the things you seek, is always around the corner as it is available to anyone seeking it.