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New Changes For Cosmic Nation

  • It has come to my attention over the last several months, we have been hit with daily spam bots joining the website. Although the same bots target any website that supports the ability to post comments, blogs and discussions, what makes Cosmic Nation special, is the people who post who are real, do not wish to come on and find bots taking up posting space meant for you to see real people with real things to share.
    Over the next few days, I intend to come to an understanding with the bot community and open Cosmic Nation up to real discussions and posts once again. Closing the bot community out may require captcha integration, however it will prevent bot traffic from ruining the look and feel of cosmic Nation.
    As Cosmic Nation is our home, there are a few things I'd like to talk with you about. first and foremost, the platform we are using social engine seems to be the best in terms of both usability and functionality. It is stable, it works wells, and the issues which are present now, will not remain in future as there is stable development of the platform going on which is always present. Posting from mobile within the mobile version of Cosmic Nation will be possible in 2017. The main developer from Phpfox, our previous temporary platform, has moved to Social engine to develop it and make it faster, more reliable and provide modern web 2.0 features its customer community of creators and administrators of networks wish to see happen. So although social engine today is not as feature packed as Phpfox and Dolphin Pro and Ning, among other platforms, some aspects of each will make its way in to social engine very soon. We will upgrade as it happens so that our community can become both vibrant and allow better communication opportunities as a whole.
    Things that may be retired in Cosmic nation is the chat bar. Comet Chat has opened its bar to third party apps and wants bots to participate in its chat functionality. Social engine will make a new chat among its update policy for version 4.9. While we are on version 4.8.13, we will not see the improvements until 2017 but be advised, we are keeping the website chat active as it is stable. You just won't be able to view current chat history, unless you are signed in and have the main chat on your screen. Private message history will keep however so don't worry about losing that. Retiring comet chat will only happen if comet chat fails to work on the website. It will also only happen in 2017 so for the rest of the year, comet chat is here to stay.
    If you have anything else you would liketo talk about, let me know or post a comment here. We hope you have a fantastic new year, sending much love and good thoughts your way to you and your family, friends and the world.