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End Of The Year

  • A few things have changed in my life that I am happy aboutt.
    1. I replaced my computer with an Android mobile phone after my 5th laptop i ever owned stopped working a few days ago. the Google Pixil promises to be a stable phone which I am happy about. It is also much cheaper to afford, so hopefully no problems will become apparent and so far, while using it for a week now, things are working awesome. I find it to be a lot faster than my slow Asus laptop.
    2. I have been dividing my time on the interent with spending it in the real world among family, friends and personal meditation. I believe now is a great time to be near a warm fire and reflect on personal reflections of happiness and moving forward. I find that the more we listen to our environment, the better we can change it f the need arises. I will be more prolific in future,so don't worry if you believe my backwards step from the internet has lost its touch, because it certainly hasn't. I am growing in my personal experiences while sharing time with people I care about to make everything shift in a better direction.
    3. My christmas was great. I spent a lot of time planning my life ahead. My goal is to finish my education and focus on helping others. I've recently taken a shining to internet related things in general, however I love to playwith gadgets and figure they could be used in situations other than entertainment. I still don't hae a heart felt calling that has been a central purpose of mine yet, but I do like to share good memories with people, so making communication a central part of my life is something that does speak to me in a huge way.
    4. In the new year, as 2016 turns into 2017, my health will be afocus area for me as I move towards a change in eating and exercise habits. I've always been a big supportor of balancing the food groups I eat in a set period of time. I will come to terms with changing the period of time I balance such habits to a different frequency so that instead of eating grains for breakfast, fruit and vegetables for lunch and bread and meat for dinner, I will have a bit of everything during the week with less sauce and spices and more natural ingredients. Budget friendly eating is about ensuring your body remains healthy, not your wallet. I may consider moving to another part of the world if I cannot obtain my food and drink requirements. I totally oppose the new world order and its plan to make corruption apart of consumer goods and services. Suggestions welcome if you have any along the lines of something worth thinking about in relation to a better health budget, not.
    5. I will look for a propper full time job and replace my disability income with something special, meaningful and loving so my life will always feature a productive and quality life style I wish to share with everyone.