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Off Grid Living

  • I've written down some of my thoughts about off grid living. In hopes that they provide a broader understanding and perspective to sovereign independence on Earth.

    This blog goes into detail about off grid living and how it can and cannot be achieved on Earth as well as why you should journey through its course. How helpful is it really to you, and whether or not it is worth exploring given your situation.

    Is off grid living a solution, or a concern?

    As evolution progresses, communities of individuals have always existed in one form or another. Human evolution has always typically had villages, towns and cities to accompany the empires of the time. Families were and still are in contact with each other. People were able to travel the known parts of the world where inhabitants lived and still live. People still seek out advice from leaders to day as they have done for years. However one thing which has always struck me as odd, is that in the face of oppression, when given the choice to fight or flee. We're noticing a trend which is sparking a lot of debates, controversy and mixed opinions in general concerning the right to isolate completely. not just hermit style, but disconnect from all society altogether.

    could it be people who fear technology wants to run away? In war subjected countries, people seem to stick together more closer than ever despite their circumstances. Yet in the countries where people are most free, could living alone be a symptom of peoples greed to want more freedom, or is there another explanation? Could people wish to disappear from society because they have a wish to preserve their identity? Is off grid living derived from a misunderstanding which could continue to remain unresolved? Lets take you through a journey of what it's like to live off grid, despite the hype it gets from others who've tried it.

    Typically speaking, 3 main types of societies exist. City life, also known as urban life. This includes regular activities such as shopping, night clubs and other activities where people are grouped into a tiny area and help one another grow as a huge community.

    Suburban, or town life is a bit different. Here, city life still exists, however you have lots of more space to roam around in and plant things. For some people, it's the perfect mixture of village and community, because you know more people on a personal basis. It also means you are more open to attacks, not by others looking to rob from you, but from the unknown itself. In the city, the unknown factor is what keeps people interested in the diversity such lifestyle offers.

    Rural or village life is very different. You're practically one with nature. If people from another place and time were to see village life, they'd assume you were either living on a backwater planet or were camping in nature for the sake of wanting to remain hidden. It's easy to hide, but it isn't so easy to live. You are active, and stay physically fit. But you have to do everything yourself, for the most part. You are a one person master mind, a jack of all trades. If you let anyone down in your life style or needs, it's more often than not yourself. People prefer this lifestyle if they are needing to be alone. There's good and bad aspects to being alone. The good is if you're happy. the bad is when you're depressed. Comfortability varies, however you do have the advantage of looking at beautiful wild lands of nature which is becoming increasingly more valuable and attractive as well as precious and necessary for cultural activities such as farming and harvesting food, hunting and killing prey and making and preparing meals at home.

    The grid however, may not be what you think it is. In fact, all that pales in comparison to living off grid. The grid is not just power. It's something which incorporates the basis for any reliance of connectivity itself. The grid is people orientated, as its center piece relies on people to make it work. there's grids between families, grids in the business world and grids in scientific, spiritual and physical communities of all kinds. Moving away from the grid, means that you are truly alone. You can't even enter this state during meditation. There's always a presence around you. One which is no threat, but signals your inclusion in the planetary space time field surrounding the environment in which you are currently living in. Even nature is one big grid. So is it worth it to ditch all you ever knew to live just to not be bothered?

    Every time when I see people saying they wish to live off grid, not only do I take it personally, but I feel like they may be missing the point of how the grid is structured as far as importance is concerned in their lives. It'd be great to live somewhere that nobody can spy or pry on you, sure. But to be honest, accepting such activity as malicious is one such distraction people believe in to cause fear. It isn't the act itself that does so, or the people behind it. It's the resulting actions people wish to move away from, if someone they have no connection to, believes you are a threat to them based on something they don't like about you, and that likely you couldn't control anyways. This type of judgmental based expectency is exactly why it is important to remember the grid of people you do care about. Protection doesn't mean isolation. Neither does preservation. the people who most often claim they wish for isolation, need to be connected with love the most. these are the people who feel hurt, damaged and needing attention they feel they are lacking in their life. What they really need, is a focus to help them heal from their sorrow they have faced in their past. Off grid living cannot technically be possible on this planet at all. So in a way, the closest you can get is Rural life where you are away from most humans who you believe may try to do you harm. Otherwise, what you wish for is all internal, and not external as your environment is what is preventing you from being able to envision the clarity you seek for through co existence if nothing else.

    It is for this reason why I have set out to not need to feel as though I need external peace, but otherwise find internal peace I am happy with. This will not work for everyone, however if you give it a chance, and not give up your vision, you will find a way to make it possible. The universe can read your thoughts, and know and help you to feel when your time is truly at hand to shine and thrive in your own way

    Physically speaking, we're all in need of moments to ourselves. Finding the time to make this happen in our lives, however busy they may be, will ensure we get the healing we need when ever we are so unable to cope with every day reality here. If you at all feel as though living off grid is the solution, try living in a rural setting first and clear your mind until you are ready to face those you love the most with an open heart, clear mind and set vision for all our sake. It will save you from the brink of total collapse, and even prevent suicide. I know this to be true, because of my personal experience with overcoming depression through both oppression and understanding patience for what it is. Which is in fact, the universe saying, you will have what you desire, when the time allows for you to manifest your reality through the experiences of all of us working together as a collective to make it happen as much in focus as we can. There are times when we don't know at what level exactly the focus of others may be. Through communication, and the grid surrounding progress, we can connect to such realities to help them thrive, with us in it as the center piece to a world of abundance, love, joy, peace and hope for things still to come.

    Reflecting on off grid living helped me to realize what I want out of life, as opposed to needing mine to be as unimportant as possible. I hope this guides you to a path where you are able to understand and direct the world you wish to be a part of. For one, I'd be willing to help you get there, no matter what. And for two, you'll be happy you succeeded as you know you already are. Focus and love is the key to great strength and will of mind, body and soul. May you be blessed in all that you do.