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The Hidden Web

  • The hidden web, also known as the dark net, or dark web, is a type of networking protocol only accessible through a platform known as Tor. Tor is essentially, a proxy service with the ability to hide your real IP address from other people which is used to identify you through the use of browser tracking scripts found on top corporate websites. While some people think it is a scam, others believe they have no issue with government censorship as long as it is secure. The instability of oppression in war fairing countries however, is changing the way social and technilogical oppression is influencing humanity, because Tor is stopping the one way system of adhere and obey in its tracks for anyone who values their freedom as much as their life. As such, the appeal of what all the hidden web comes down to is a domain service only accessible through Tor which is recognized as an .onion domain name. The domain extension allows people using the Tor network the ability to view content not supported by a regular web browser protocol and is often used to let people from countries with a censored political control system in place to access the freedom of information. The hidden web is also used to store sensitive information through private information gateways and allows secure web content to be processed and accessible through a variety of protocols all connected through Tor.

    Tor itself, is not just letting people live the lives they want to, it is also changing your reality to what ever you want to bring to the forefront of your life. In general, what you see is what you get. How you get it is determined by the level of mutual trust one person assigns another, as is the case with all social platforms of a community basis of origin. As a network protocol, why Tor is dangerous relates not to the program itself, but what people host on .onion domains with bit torrent based web hosting. A lot of what happens there is conducted in secret and involves simple to advanced hacking techniques as an alternative protocol to normal web standards. However, Tor can be a life saver if you use it to bring a specific focus people can gravitate towards to anyone who may not be able to find it using the regular web. Media outlets have often reported harmful activities relating to Tor, only because law enforcement has recognized it as a potentially unsafe network to use. This doesn't mean the intelligence of the Tor community is limited to evil, and or good, however, because the military and underground networks relating to activism, journalism, scientific research and even fettishes are all hosted possibilities of what the Tor users have set up. To date, Tor is becoming more main stream as corporate giants such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other main web distributors seem to be dictating to its user base what should and should not happen. Some people are okay with it, however for the more adventurous and dedicated explorer of truth, including but not limited to intolerance of exclusive censorship rules, wiki leaks of documents which could impact the entire world and decisions not everyone who doesn't have a voice can speak about in other words, especially when applying common solutions to difficult problems can be addressed here. Simply put, Tor allows anonymous issues to be anonymously put to rest while creating the space for growth throughout intelligence communities world wide, providing a usefulness for humanity and beyond.

    The likelyhood of reality being raw, honest and pure is prominant with the hidden web. This is why you need to take caution and know what you see in front of you, may not always be the real deal, but at least you know most of what you are getting into has been reviewed by someone else prior to stepping foot in it yourself. It is for this reason that I have decided to check out the hidden web to see if any platforms could be created to support the betterment of humanity, where by anyone can have the freedom, security and space of growth without limits of monetary value or net worth to stop a valuable resource from seeing the light of day, despite the fact it takes a closed network of dedicated, focused individuals to make it happen. It all starts in the mind and if at all possible, Cosmic Nation may create a Tor instance to project thoughts of peace, inspiration and hope for the Tor community. Some social projects are already starting to appear on Tor, however the network itself is somewhat of an anarchy so just be advised, a web without filters is exactly what you get there. It however, may be worth it if government the way it stands today, allows private corporations to dictate a replacement for commmon sense to us with its own version of disfunctional and deadly rules and regulations. This is what we all come together to avoid, so don't be afraid to know your limits and play within them on the hidden web. I will always let you know if there is anything to worry about if I decide to start a Tor service and host content through the protocol.

    Be careful, yet comfortable with who you are and all will be well.