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Reverting Domain To Current Server

  • Hi. It seems actions speaks clearer than ideas. I've reverted the domain to the current server. It may take a day for the name server in your country to show the new change. I have set up a sub domain to host the new platform on the current server. I will cancel the other server within a week, the current one is paid for until this time next year and has previously been up for the same amount of time without issue. It is set up if you want to try it at some point.

    I thought it was a great idea because of the speed and ease of use to set up and post day to day actions. The chat offers an alternative, native and secure way to communicate in real time locally, as does the chat currently available here. I inevitably learned not to use a primary domain for a secondary purpose over the past few weeks, seeming as how nobody but me has signed up to the other platform. It's there for you as a sub domain if you want to try it, as the main domain functions as normal here so no need to worry or be confused. I will at some point make a copy of all the things I've posted here and share it over there to help guide you in an understanding of how easy it is to do so without as much effort. navigation is easy to use and works just as well, so perhaps you got the websites mixed up. I am awesome at building them, aren't I? Maybe you thought this website was the other, either way I'll check the email to see if you have posted any new feedback since yesterday. I look forward to further communication.

    Hope you are well. Elshara