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New Site Platform Live And Accepting Members

  • I didn't add a lot to it yet, but it's set up and ready for prime time use! What do you think? Is it easy to use? Compared to the existing platform? The new project talked about for a couple of weeks is live!

    To access the new platform, visit the site.

    To access the existing platform, visit one of the sites..

    The new platform is open for sign up! It would be very nice to gather feedback if you find posting easier, harder or otherwise useful or not over there. Compared to the existing platform.

    Please keep in mind both platforms will be up for at least two more days. I will pay for the new platform monthly $50.00 to keep it running if you like it! I may not keep it if you either don't visit, sign up or find the existing platform is better. If nobody has visited by 10/10/2016, after the first payment has gone through, you will have until 10/11/2016 to cast your vote. I built and designed it all for you so you are welcome to explore and see what works and what does not. Regardless, share your feedback with us! To do so, share a post on what ever site you are currently on and it will be seen. thank you for your interest. You are appreciated, loved and hope to see you soon.