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Platform Progression

  • The platform on is still in progress, however it is essentially ready for members to join!

    The new project talked about a week ago is a variation of website functions designed to bring better functionality and control to all members. With native support for responsive mobile and desktop applications for all browsing visitors to enjoy. It is also very easy to customize from a user perspective and likewise manage from an admin perspective in terms of accessibility, availability and productivity.

    What do you think? I understand most people are aware the domain is actually our main website, which is why I figured adding several other domains to our community network would come in useful for accessing key content. Because the platform is hosted on another server, and we were in the midst of reinstating the current server from a temporary spike in over resource traffic from suspension, I saw reason to make the main domain a server platform built to be an upgrade from what we have now. As the server we use currently is not designed for traffic spikes, I had to cut down on certain aspects in order to be able to reinstate profiles and content hosted here. I'd rather if necessary have somewhere to go than nowhere to be found, assuming a server managed by a specific company decides to not play nice. Making a domain accessible is important so you can get a real time look at what is possible with the internet today, so to give you an explanation of why that came about, I always put our needs first.

    This site can still be accessed from and so that you have access to the things you share and continue to post. I will be attaching a poll to this blog to gather feedback on the platform is currently hosting. If you like it, we can move the server to Zarconia from Name cheap and use it as a base to grow from if desired. There are options and in the modern world, we have choices, not chances to explore and occupy them all!