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Website Upgrade In Progress

  • If you can believe it or not, we were down due to our domain being expired! But I'm not willing to let go quite so fast. That's right, hold up! We're back in business at least for another month, if not a year. Let me explain.

    News for October. The domain expired October 5th, but the site became inaccessible on October 11. On October 20, it was restored and paid in full for another year. The domain will expire October 4 2018. As for the hosting, I'm going to move to TMD Hosting from Name Cheap. Even though I paid for a year of web hosting with Name Cheap, I am pondering switching for faster service and better resources for facilitating simultaneous connections. Here's why.

    Slow resources helps nobody. Name Cheap for the most part has been reliable, and affordable. But it came at a cost. I know I said I would upgrade and dedicate my time to ensuring our needs were met as space grows. Now, I'm actually doing it. The reason why I couldn't until now, is due to financial limitations. I'm getting back on my feet again however, and am also starting a few other projects.

    One of them, is known to you already. During the week was offline, and throughout several weeks prior, I've been managing and Both sites promised active development, however due to shuffling concerns regarding hosting for, it was until recently directing people to which in retrospect, meant I could focus entirely on that site for awhile.

    Like most sites I've been on, I pride myself in doing what I can to help them grow. This is no exception. Although, my time at seems short and sweet. Lots of members personally invited by me and also recommended by Adeon and others, go there regularly. I'm still a member there, however I was demoted from my promotion as an admin because the owner and long term other moderators there felt it best people who they trusted the most, could lead the site. Due to that and several other miscommunications I decided to leave my post as site facilitator and run my own project again. Which brought me back to feeling the way I do, motivated and interested full time in among other projects.

    As for, nick named Soul Vibration, it was meant to be a guide, or temporary fix for the loss of what I thought would be permanently, but not intentionally so, this exact site. Now keep in mind you are never lost in my heart, or thoughts. It's just that as I said, financially, I'm having to make sacrifices and, well I was in the process of getting a new credit card. Long story short, I have it, the site is paid for, and we're transitioning to be better now.

    Here are projects I'm working on.

    United Starseeds. Yes. That same site. Going back to my roots long ago in a land called Ning, where people made friendships, relationships and other kinds of connections. Thriving from place to place, and who are still pocketing spiritual wealth and many blessings across several hubs of community networks based on social creation. Okay, if that's too metaphysical for you, I bought and in place of because that one someone else took from me back when I loaned it to Ross Potter and he purposely let it expire back in 2015. But anyways, he also let his site expire as well, which is just as well for a number of reasons. Mainly, I bought the domains to bring about a sense of home coming. For lack of a more useful or direct phrase, because I miss what I had and am determined not to lose it again.

    Soul Vibration. It's currently suspended right now, not sure why but I'll get Freenom to look into it.

    Cosmic Nation. I'm keeping what we have here of course. Currently a site still in Beta due to Adeon's delay in bringing it out of beta. I wish him well with the project but I think he just has to lighten up his mood a bit and everything will work out just fine. I truly made a lot of friends there so I check in from time to time to say hello. Okay. Not my project. I recently took interest in it when the site owner Yshatar decided to tell everyone she was closing it down. I tried to support her decision by letting her know, what ever she is suffering, as she did point out it was an illness of some sort, that it was just a moment of weakness. Oddly enough, a few other networks I know of recently shut down as well around the exact same time in September. One Vibration, aka Shattering The Matrix being the most recent among an off shoot I was involved with called Universal Energy Grid. is back online.

    There are many other sites still around from the spiritual directories. I recently discovered Spiritual Networks and Spiritual Unite have shut down. Hopefully they will come back, though if they don't, anyone from there are welcome here.

    Let me know if you are interested in a list of available networks, and I can send you links to check them out. One Vibration is now Transcending In Beauty. The site did a complete refresh of all data, and that was one of the oldest sites around since 2008. Same goes for I can honestly tell you, Ning was much better back in the day than it seems to have transformed into now days.

    Anyways. Where I'll be posting most often is here. I plan on doing a site redesign, moving around the structure of some pages and fixing up a few bugs. Like videos not working, among other things. Let me know if everything is well in your world, I'd always love to hear from you.

    Wishing you well. Elshara Silverheart.