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September News

  • Hi! I hope you are having a fantastic time. As the summer turns into Autumn (fall) for the northern hemisphere, and the winter turns into spring for the southern hemisphere.

    Here's what has been happening lately on Cosmic Nation. Special thanks to Steve, Teresa and the rest of you who continuously post uplifting and inspiring messages. It is such a joy to read, so come check them out if you are interested.

    I think it is time to say goodbye to Name Cheap as far as a server host is concerned, and hello to TMD hosting. In favor of speed, performance and a better server, for the price, you'll be able to stay logged in longer, have more people online, without server interruptions and get more done.

    I realize one of the things that has had major site resting periods as far as activity goes is email notifications. Simply put, they aren't being sent. And if they are, it's with long intermittent random pauses mostly about new members joining.

    From time to time, a bot will come, and start posting on other members posts about random stuff. Although the bots content is removed fairly quickly, the emails remain. This is a sign of bad user engagement, and it is being corrected with the move to the new server, some time within the next two weeks. I think this is due to such good quality posts being shared here, the bots are auto sent to try to disrupt us. But we're better than that, even though our Google or search engine ranking is well into the millions, which is possibly the worst thing but not entirely so, as the case remains, we're still up and that means a lot to everyone involved.

    Meanwhile, I've decided to help out with the management of a new network called It's been around since 2003 and features real physical events you can travel to world wide. Such as Mount Shasta in California, and Burning Man in Nevada. One of the latest ones coming up in September is in British Columbia called Motion Notion. Meditations and happy times are here to stay. There's another one Earth Dance, which happens as well. I'd like to organize a big extraterrestrial based meet up some time two.

    Anyways, their site features similar content to this one, and members from here are welcome to join. If you are interested, here is the page to register your account. I'm an admin there now, I can assist you with both this site and that one if needed. It seems a very mature and active spot for growth of any kind and encourages strong relationships, as I've already helped to facilitate the continuation of along with Adeon Asfar, Penny J Butler and Courtland Kusmierz. In correspondence with new people I've met along the way, Schlomo Tommer, Eddie Shapiro, Josie Brown, and you. It's going to be an awesome journey, I'm sure of it.

    I let the domain name expire since it isn't really needed. We have and that's enough for now. I might register it again later for a personal project. I plan to keep this site open, no closure in sight. Unlike some other networks on Ning and elsewhere I can name, who is in the midst of shutting their doors for good. Rest in peace, spiritual beloved and the scientifically minded. Rest assured, Cosmic Nation is here to stay.

    Visit us online.

    The site domain and web hosting with Name Cheap renews in October if you wish to know. October third is the maximum time I have to pay it. I am considering moving the server to a new host using tmd hosting but keeping the domain with Name Cheap since they are a great domain name provider. In my opinion, they are very stable, if a bit old school. If I get a new domain name, you'll know about it as I'll send you a notification informing you about any changes here, and give you a space to talk about it. Which you can on the current site at any time if you want to.

    Chat is always up on both sites if you want to say hello. We had some trouble with initial invitations with but it seems to have been sorted successfully now. Things are good, all the major issues are fixed and we are ready for action. If you feel like checking out my page there, even though I haven't done much with it yet admittedly, here it is for reference sake. Yes I know, it is unoriginal as far as the address goes. But it's built on the same platform as this site, so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting on it. Let me know if you do, send me a message here and I'll help you. Note if you can't login because no email is sent, then send me one at and I'll be sure to get to it straight away.

    I hope you are doing well. It'd be lovely to hear from you some time. Send me a message if you want, and I'll reply to it. I recently went on a road trip and it was fun. I love checking out Rural areas of the world, especially in Canada where I live. See you soon. I think that's all the news for now. Hope you stay safe out there, some parts of the world are facing some hard times. Sending prayers your way and to all in need. Lets make an awesome presence possible together.

    With love. Elshara Silverheart. PS My spiritual middle names are Darshak and Moonwolf. Some other things are in the works two, possibly a new Skype presence for real time communication. See you online, or around elsewhere!