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Embodying Your Soul

  • A lot of people know and are very familiar with the opposite term. How to have your soul incarnate in to a body. Millions if not billions of souls do this each and every day while incarnating in to bodies not just humans, but other life forms as well. Here's a way to let your body, embrace your soul.

    Your soul is always existing. It is a type of life form which does not change its state. However, it does have changing memory which can form any shape. Based on experiences you have throughout your lives. Your soul imprints on the consciousness around it, creating worlds of reflection you can use to understand who you are if, say, you are incarnated in a physical body.

    Your third eye facilitates the connection between your body and your soul. Aligning the consciousness between your soul and your body, allowing the visions of your soul to be shaped around the experiences you have in physical form. Your body allows such visions to be expressed via mind transference, which is usually achieved through the process called astral travel. As such, guiding this process along, are forms of consciousness.

    The astral is a term many people refer to as, the plane where your soul rests until it is released from the body. It is also a portal to the psychic or mind links between the world and you. Connections between you and others rest here, in a state which can be activated through to the portal where your soul connects to the physical body.

    Generally called the Chakra system. If aligned properly, often through states of meditation, you can facilitate a conscious connection with not only your soul, but with the creation of energy flowing through you as well. Such is done via first connecting your third eye to your mind, and then your mind to the portal of your third eye, to reach the psychic spirit astral realm. Letting your body balance the energy while it remains in that state. The connection is made strongest through focus. And weakens if physical thought overrides the state of consciousness your mental eye is traveling to.

    By directing your focus, you can make anything happen.