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Site Redesign

  • Hi all! I hope your summer is going well. I've decided to make a few layout changes, as the majority of the site design has had minor improvements since 2015, but never really had a major over hall. Until today.

    I'm going to make some layout updates to posts and pages. This means that commenting will become much easier, you don't have to scroll to like or share posts, and things will be in a more intuitive order on a per page basis.

    I'm going through some pretty major life changes. I'm moving at the end of the month, and am going to be living closer to the city. Among other things, I'm going to be in a better position all around. Financially I'll still be stuck, but I do still plan to upgrade site resources and have some things I'm checking in to for this to happen.

    I've temporarily, retired some inactive people from the position of site administrators but this doesn't mean the position is lost. The most active people throughout the month have a chance to lead us in site posts so naturally they are invited to become administrators. The idea is we keep things circulating by who ever wishes to come share with us.

    I decided to move the email posts, article directories and chat all in house, which makes things ironically run better as a result. You might see some test domains if you visit often. That's me working behind the scenes checking out different ideas and keeping ones which work well. Posting by email is currently not available, however this will soon be addressed so that it works in tandem with the site and posts appear where you'd expect them to be. In other words, it's a work in progress. No more separate accounts are required to access things.

    Email updates are working once again! They were not sending due to email settings via smtp and imap not being configured correctly. So now if you trace emails they will actually appear in inbox, instead of spam folders due to a change in the actual sender address. The reply address is still the same, but it now appears as the sender address. It's a bunch of technical improvements I've been able to change essentially.

    We're almost at 300 confirmed members who aren't spam bots. I'm working on a system for new registrations to block spam bots completely while keeping verified member registrations active. It all depends on how well the changes hold.

    I've been getting word that Skype is no longer a suitable option for us, due to the type of feedback received about me and this site over there by several people causing problems. So I will be removing all links to the service here and will probably  not be offering it later. To be completely honest, it will be too soon if I ever use it again personally.

    I've improved speed and load times a bit by keeping up to date and actively participating in the development of the software platform which houses the web script. Social Engine. If you wish to join me in providing some ideas as users, you're welcome to join SE Community and view the forums. I plan on being active there to indirectly improve issues here. I'm also active in other software pools but it's just not as frequent.

    Things I hope to achieve for Cosmic Nation are better search engine visibility. Better server resources. Better community engagement. And better network management.

    I enjoy viewing everything you share, so keep in mind I am renewing the site for another year in August. The domain isn't due until October however while I have the energy in the summer, I'm going to take care of it early. Giving us lots of time to become further acquainted with one another.

    I'm also going to revive the social media accounts. I was relying on a service to feed network updates to Facebook and Twitter, however I do believe I am able to find another service to do so. As the current one recently decided to become unavailable. The decision was made several months ago, I'm very close to finding a solution to open the pages again and help us find relevantly interesting people to keep in touch with.

    I'm also updating site functionality. If something isn't working, let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can. Besides general site maintenance, it recently became possible to further improve software capabilities so for instance, besides design, pages will become easier to navigate on mobile and people will not need to click on desktop view so often to post or edit settings.

    Stay cool and I'll see you around here soon.