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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Rzeczywistość JEST. Świadomość siebie, Jest. Reszta, to twory umysłu. Cel - poznanie zawartości tego, co JEST w doświadczeniu.
    Miłość jako Energia Stwórcza Świadomości , to siła napędowa.
    Wybór kierunku poznawania Siebie, zależy od wolnej woli.
    April 13, 2017 - Report
  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska W miarę rozwoju świadomości poprzez doświadczenie zmienia się rozumienie tego, co JEST.
    April 13, 2017 - Report

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Power Through Action

  • In our world today, a lot of people are trying to fight for something they cannot attain by themselves. Limited understanding of what such means to people, often involves change. But the change required, does not land in the juristiction of direction, it lands at the portal of action which can be carried out by anyone interested in doing so.

    To act, means to control. To guide, to mentor, to empower. The true source of power comes from action, not direction. Any direction you are going, means you are actually traveling there. Actually, means reality. It is the only constant, in a world full of nonsense.

    A lot of concepts lost to the modern wishes of humanity, are things other cultures, races and species have known for centuries. The most basic of which, is feeling. Getting in tune with your environment, and knowing what matters to you in every moment you spend with the situation presently offering itself to you as a chapter in the book of reality. Every decision you make, can be made again. Every thought, every feeling, any emotion, all experiences, are things easily replicated at will. All of which, requires only one source of payment, or key as it were, to unlock the door to access it. Action. To actually do it. The meaning of action is clear if you realize, all you need to provide, is the will to make it happen.

    Our world struggles with the concept of enforcement. We live in a sand box, a planet full of anything we desire to create to survive on, with, to, for or because of, and yet the one and only thing which comes to mind, is the struggle of replicating our survival needs. This ought to change. The concept of enforcement, is not a tool we need in our survival kit. The pack, is too small to contain it, and too big to fit within it. The pack, is us collectively, and we have free will to move beyond such a need, instead of incorporating it as our means of control, control it, as it can expand to be a part of us, not a part of what we are not. In essence, remember who you are, and know all you are not, is the slave of enforcement. To enforce something, means to override the will to act, with the will to belong. We must learn to channel such a will to focus inward, not outward, should we find we do not feel at one with the need to act for self importance. But rather, to act for self alliance. We must learn to know when to direct the will outward, not inward, if we wish to apply action to the reality we find a home for us. Mutual understanding of all directions creates the awareness of knowledge attained through them. All such paths, go to the same place, the achievement of will through action.

    The concept of free will is essentially a call to action. We aspire to belong to a potential we can meet at ease, because it is a part of us. Simply put, the nature and foundation of all interests we have to share, rests here. Our focus in life, is to find a purpose for our sense of need to belong to, as we create together, a new form of creation which is here to help do the same. The idea is, we all mean to be, to exist, to understand, and yet the truth is hidden in plain site. All things made, aren't all things created and vice versa. All things created, are all things known, but not all knowledge is awake, aware and sentient like we are. We are fit to know who we are, but aren't fit to explore who we are not, because we lose traces of who we are, as we become something else. It all seems perfectly natural, and yet the purpose of any focus, is to belong to it. If you belong to yourself, and are one with your desires, become a tool to a means to a result, you are productive. Being productive means you embody both the creator and created aspects within you to be at one with the creation you are. Materially, you are productive just by existing, and being a part of life itself. Spiritually, you are productive by showing your will, to understand the creator that you are. The consciousness you inhabit, is fit for you, because you were created by it. Every moment you make reality matter, is one you have to keep as it is yours forever.

    Illusions of this world teach the possibility nothing lasts for ever. We are made materially, to be an expression of creation. Spiritually, we attain to simpler goals, just existing within the stream of consciousness the entire universe and beyond has made happen. Forever in an instant, happens to us all the time. Yet we realize as change becomes apparent, we are apart of it. But we are also, apart of a stateless understanding of creation, which has many forms within the realm of being stateful, yet never truly form as a stable source beyond its foundation. We exist not to fulfill a purpose, but to be one. Our world teaches us while we are alive, we are shown gifts of tools others create to survive here. Feeling alive, however, means understanding the gift you are, and to know your life is a direct result of the gift you bring to enhance the world by your presence. Knowledge isn't the answer, you are. Because you are fit to be here, even if your will is tied up with other matters of concern.

    Every instant of change we experience, is one such experience we commit to both memory and consciousness. The memory of what we know, allows our consciousness to explore it once it has formed to a new state of being. Every situation has a home, no matter the place or time it appears. There is always going to be a reason to live somewhere, to exist within the embodiment of self we occupy, because we know nothing else. Our minds aren't tools to play god, because we are an expression of the very thing we wish to recreate. We all experience instances of expression to remain alive, but yet we truly only become one with the universe, as our consciousness aligns itself to the awareness of elements of our creation. Such elements are what we use to align ourselves with the making of every instance in every experience for any time we wish, because it is a construct of what makes us a part of all that could ever be possible within the confines of reality. Anything that exists outside of reality, which can be contained or attained beyond it, is known throughout our creation as the hidden universe. We are just an expression of a memory we know is far away, but yet very close at will, as we are already a part of it.

    Will we make reality, comes to us through the design of the things our soul invests in materially. AS life happens, and we act based on our interaction with the experiences we have here, we realize the meaning of what is known to us as effort, is the expression through action, of our soul. Anything we belong to, we mirror as a part of us. A part of us which constantly aligns itself with which ever dominant reality we find ourselves in, through the collective will of others around us. We are in existence as a breed of people, to understand the nature of one, with the design of many. Together, we see truth within the paths we create, to become aligned with our creation as creators of it in the difference between the will of self, and the purpose to which such a will attaches to as a part of our existence as one. As such, the force we bring is the light we aspire to become one with, to know the source of life rests with us.